Phase 4 Adjustments

Transition Into Phase 4

The transition into Phase 4 does not signal the end of COVID-19 but it does allow DKFA to expand training possibilities to members as well as give our community the opportunity to cautiously get back to normal routines. 

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We’re Continuing the Hybrid Schedule, With A Few Adjustments

On July 7th, we will begin our new HYBRID Schedule that will offer additional opportunities for In-Person training classes that will move towards resuming traditional versions of our class offerings.  We will also continue to offer Virtual Training options for those not comfortable yet returning to the dojang. 

The Phase 4 HYBRID Schedule will offer additional times for In-Person Training classes with longer class times.  In Phase 4 we will also begin the return to specialized classes like In-Person Black Belt Club and Masters Club.  However, due to safety guidelines, Sparring and Poomsae classes will remain off the schedule for now.  Also, to more safely and efficiently control capacity in classes, we have temporarily made adjustments to class rank requirements.  Please check the new schedule to view our class offerings – your regular class times may have been switched. 

For our all students, we will continue to hold weekly Virtual Classes as well as provide At Home Lesson Planners.  Private One-on-One Online Sessions will still be available at an additional cost.


New “Cold Weather” Check-In Procedures

Students and parents have been doing an awesome job with the Check-in procedures making sure students are able to quickly get into the classroom with the minimal amount of crowding in common areas. Students will now be advised to enter by themselves once the previous class has left and up to 5 minutes prior to the start of their class. Once classes start, the doors will be locked and admittance will no longer be granted. Students will only be allowed to enter 5 minutes prior to start time of class. Once students enter the dojang, a temperature check will be performed and they will be checked in by an Instructor. Students are asked to wear easily removable shoes without socks, if possible, to minimize time spent in common areas and to move quickly into the dojang. The student cubbies will now be open to store jackets, gloves and hats. Please keep in mind that the goal is minimizing crowding in the common areas so students should arrive in the minimal amount of outerwear necessary to get from our door to your car.   We will continue to ask parents and visitors not to enter the dojang unless an appointment is made ahead of time. 

Safety is STILL Our Top Priority

Even with the new guidelines and looser restrictions, DKFA is still committed to providing the safest possible environment for all our warriors and we’re continuing sensible steps to protect us all.  We have partnered with SIRCS Services, a local leader in commercial cleaning, to make sure the cleaning procedures and disinfectants used ensure the safest possible environment.  A deep cleaning will be performed nightly, supplemented with cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant throughout the day. 

We will continue to monitor all state and local guidelines and make decisions to support the health, well-being and safety of all DKFA students, the community and our staff.  For students choosing in-person training options, masks are permitted but not required to be worn by students or staff during training.  Temperature checks will still be performed at check-in and any questionable results will be asked to return once the return to normal. 

Our Phase 4 Schedule is designed to continue to promote increased personal space including social distance markers plus the exclusion of sparring and partner drills.  However, we cannot directly monitor social distancing during martial arts training and therefore student participation means you are accepting the risk of potential proximity to other students and staff within the dojang.

Student Safety Protocol

All students intending to take part in In-Person Training Class must adhere to the following Student Safety Protocols:

  • Students need to arrive full prepared to participate
  • Students may not enter anymore than 5 minutes prior to start of class and only once previous classes have exited
  • No admittance will be granted once class begins – BE ON TIME
  • Any student not picked-up by the time the next class starts will incur a $25 late charge 
  • Uniform or DKFA t-shirt must be on with a properly tied belt and dobak pants
  • Easily removable shoes should be worn (without socks) inside the dojang.  
  • No gear bags will be needed during Phase 4’s Hybrid Schedule
  • No membership cards will be needed for check-in
  • Water bottles are suggested whereas we will not be allowing congregation at the water fountain
  • Cell phones should not be brought inside dojang.  Dojang phone will be available for communication if necessary
  • While restrooms will be still available, students should make use of facilities at home before coming to training.
  • Hand washing/sanitizing practices will be strictly enforced before and after classes
  • Personal contact, such as handshakes and embracing, within the dojang is strongly discouraged.

If there is any signs of illness of an kind in the household, or contact may have been made with a person who is ill, PLEASE STAY HOME and utilize the Virtual Dojang options..