Health & Safety Protocols

Even with the increased vaccination levels and declining COVID-19 metrics, DKFA is still committed to providing the safest possible environment for all our warriors and we’re continuing sensible steps to protect us all.  We have partnered with SIRCS Services, a local leader in commercial cleaning, to make sure the cleaning procedures and disinfectants used ensure the safest possible environment.  A deep cleaning will be performed nightly, supplemented with cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant throughout the day PLUS a weekly electrostatic disinfection.

We will continue to monitor all state and local guidelines and make decisions to support the health, well-being and safety of all DKFA students, the community and our staff.  For students choosing in-person training options, masks are recommended but not required to be worn by students or staff during training.  Temperature checks will still be performed at check-in and any questionable results will be asked to return once the return to normal. 

In adherence with recent CDC and IDPH recommendations, DKFA will not mandate face coverings to be worn by any fully vaccinated individuals. Students not currently available to be vaccinated because of age, will require parental consent to train without a face covering.

While we are excited to see everyone, we are asking families to limit visitors inside the facility during regular class time.  Visitors may enter once all students have entered the dojang and the entrance sign is flipped to ‘BLUE’ (Class Is In Session).  Non-students should not enter while the entrance sign is ‘ORANGE’ (Come In).  Please, no parents accompanying students in the lobby area before class begins. Visitors will then be asked to leave once students line up to be dismissed and wait for them outside to minimize interaction. DKFA will entrust proper social distancing management to visitors inside the facility. Alternatively, class viewing is still available outside, through the glass.

Students and parents have been doing an awesome job with the Check-in procedures making sure students are able to quickly get into the classroom with the minimal amount of crowding in common areas. Students should enter by themselves once the previous class has left and up to 5 minutes prior to the start of their class. The Entrance Sign will be flipped to the orange side and will read “Come In” once students may enter. Once classes start, the entrance sign will be flipped to the blue side and will read “Class in Session”, student admittance will no longer be granted. Once students enter the dojang they should continue to the Check-in Station to scan their membership card and check-in for their class. If students do not see their picture appear, they should immediately notify staff. Students are asked to wear easily removable shoes without socks, if possible, to minimize time spent in common areas and to move quickly into the dojang. The lobby cubbies are open to store personal items and sparring gear bags should be brought inside to dojang cubbies.  

All students participating in In-Person Training Classes must adhere to the following Student Safety Protocols:

  • Students need to arrive full prepared to participate
  • Students may not enter anymore than 5 minutes prior to start of class and only once previous classes have exited and Entrance Sign is orange and reads “Come in”
  • No admittance will be granted once class begins – BE ON TIME
  • Any student not picked-up by the time the next class starts will incur a $25 late charge 
  • Uniform or DKFA t-shirt must be on with a properly tied belt and dobak pants (a video on properly tying the belt is available on the Weekly Telegram)
  • Easily removable shoes should be worn (without socks) inside the dojang
  • Sparring gear bags should be brought to each class
  • Membership cards will be needed for self check-in and should be brought by students
  • Water bottles are suggested whereas we will not be allowing congregation at the water fountain
  • Cell phones should not be brought inside dojang.  Dojang phone will be available for communication if necessary
  • While restrooms will be still available for emergencies only, students should make use of facilities at home before coming to training
  • Hand washing/sanitizing practices will be strictly enforced before and after classes
  • Personal contact, such as handshakes and embracing, within the dojang is strongly discouraged

If there is any signs of illness of an kind in the household, or contact may have been made with a person who is ill, PLEASE STAY HOME and notify our staff so a membership hold can be placed on the account as not to lose membership time.