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Adam Kielczewski is the operations director and master instructor for DK Fitness Arts. Instructor Adam began his Taekwondo training under the world renowned Paik Family Lineage and later applied his skills at a diverse group of  dojangs across the Chicago-land area.  Carefully blending both the more modern, hard styles along with the softer styles of Dr. Paik, Instructor Adam have developed a program that results in well-rounded champions of both rank and spirit. His over 25 years of mixed martial arts experience includes training from several national ranked instructors, several Grand Masters, and training in Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, and Wrestling. Instructor Adam has spent the better part of the last decade working with local park districts to help elevate their programs to surpass all surrounding competitors.  Now, with help from the world-class instructors surrounding him, he has the opportunity to share the program and shape the lives of all the students at DK Fitness Arts.

Sameer Hasan: Introduced to Taekwondo at the age of 8, Instructor Sameer’s teen years were spent honing his skills and competing in tournaments. Instructor Sameer quickly rose to the top levels of traditional martial arts by winning gold at the Taekwondo junior Olympics at age sixteen. He has placed first in forms and sparring at multiple national martial arts tournaments while continuing his ascend into international competition. Meanwhile, Instructor Hasan expanded his martial arts background with practice in Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Brazilian Jujitsu. Over the past ten years he has helped with instruction in some of the Midwest’s most successful martial arts academies. His diverse skill set and experience help him efficiently understand a martial artist’s needs at all levels. Students applaud at his charismatic teaching style which instills proper basics through excitement. Instructor Sameer has now made the commitment to DKFA’s students to help instill the discipline and confidence to make them into champions, be it at home and school or nationally.

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David Walcoff: With over 18 years of Taekwondo experience, Instructor David brings a fresh and fun approach to his Taekwondo training. Consistently a student favorite, Instructor David’s experience and wisdom was a key component to the park district program’s successes. With his continued participation in the DKFA program, students and parents alike can be confident that students will be inspired to reach their greatest heights.

Continuing in the traditional lineage of…….

Grandmaster Peter Paik started training in Seoul, Korea in 1965 under the tutelage of Grandmaster Chull Hee Park, founder of Kangdukwon (one of the 9 original Kwans of Taekwondo).

PaikHe moved to Madison, WI(USA) in 1969 with family, and resumed training with his father, Grandmaster Sang Kee Paik in Chuan fa in 1971. He also trained with the 5 time Korean National Champion, Il Sik Kim, assistant instructor at Paik’s Martial arts school from 1973‐1974 and with Soo Kon Kim – Korean military forces champion – from 1975‐1976. Master Peter Paik, using the skills and the techniques he learned through his father, made a name for himself as a competitor in the Taekwondo and the Karate circuits through the late 70s and the early 80s. He took advantage of his competitive experience to learned about Okinawan weapons, Chinese KungFu, and even American Kickboxing as he competed and trained with some of the best known martial artists of that time. John Longstreet, Ray McCallum, Dan Anderson, Keith Vitali, Steve Anderson, Freddie Letuli, Harold Burrage, Gerard Robbins, David Deaton, Mike Genova, Joe Corley, Jeff Smith, John Worley, Kareem Ali Jabbar, Greg Fears, Tony Blanchard, John Chung, George Chung, Ernie Reyes Sr, and Jr, Arlene Limas, Linda Denley, John Sharkey, Cynthia Rothrock, and Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee were all legendary in the American martial arts scene and helped in Mr. Paik’s development as a martial artist thus helping to shape him as a competitor, a technician, and a champion.

In the late 80s, Master Paik moved to Florida to pursue a Movie connection he had made through his travels and settled in Orlando, FL. At the request of his father, he opened a Taekwondo school and actively supported many Taekwondo events all over Florida, Georgia, and Alabama and received his 6th degree blackbelt. With a little guidance from another ex-Ki Whang Kim blackbelt, Grandmaster Jang Yeol Park, Mr. Paik found a niche in the Florida Taekwondo scene. He also befriended an established Taekwondo and Ju jitsu master Angel Gonzalez, who inspired him to improve his schools and reach new heights.

In 1996, his father, Grandmaster Sang Kee Paik was ailing in health and summoned his son back to Madison, WI in 1997. In 1998 he took over the operations full time. Since then, He has received his 8th degree blackbelt and in 2007, produced more than 30 National Champions in Karate and Taekwondo. People travel from long distances to train with Master Paik.

Please visit his school’s link to view all his accomplishments:

Dr. PaikDr. Sang Kee Paik

A true Taekwondo great.  A small paragraph is not enough to describe the significance and influence of this Taekwondo great.  Please take a moment and read his history:  Dr. Sang Kee Paik